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For my next major project I would like to pick up an old Macintosh SE/30 (1987) computer and install Apple UNIX (A/UX) on it. I'm a huge UNIX nerd and love the fact that Apple created a version of UNIX that used their System 7 GUI. A/UX requirements include a Motorola 68030 CPU, a co-processor, and at least 80 MB of HD space, all of which the Macintosh SE/30 has. The SE/30, for those that don't know, is the original all-in-one home computer. A quick search on eBay revealed prices ranging from $80 for units marked for parts to $300 for units that have been fully restored. Another positive aspect of the SE/30 is that there appears to be a thriving aftermarket for original and modern, custom parts. Apparently old Apple geeks are just as nutty as old Amiga geeks when it comes to their favorite vintage computers.

Items Needed:

1. Macintosh SE/30.
2. Apple A/UX Disks (Possibly free online?)
3. 80-100MB HD or SD card adapter
4. 128 MB of RAM

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