### Personal Stack (v1.2.9)
Updated: October 4th, 2021 @ 07:02 PM EST

This is a comprehensive list of the software and hardware that make up my personal stack. If it's on this list then it's something that I currently use and enjoy.

### Software

And down the dark, twisting rabbit hole we go. For basic text editing and writing code I prefer using BBEdit. However, I've recently started using Visual Studio Code strictly for code. On the knowledge management front I use DEVONthink for storing notes, ideas, and anything else that I can think of that I might use later. Additionally, I've recently discovered Obsidian which I plan on using to create a proper Zettelkasten.

Messaging is done via Textual (IRC), Tweetbot for Mac, and Telegram. I keep track of all my tasks using OmniFocus. I prefer Firefox for browsing the web, but I also occasionally use Safari and Brave as well. I play games via the PlayStation 4, PS4 Remote Play, Nintendo Switch, and GOG. Anything graphics related is done with Pixelmator Pro and Pixave. When it comes to music I prefer to stream it in FLAC format over my local network using Roon. I also fall back on Apple Music, and Cog for everything else (AAC @ 320 Kbps).

I also use GPG Tools for maintaining my privacy, 1Password for managing passwords and logins, Time Machine for keeping my system backed up, and Alfred for launching apps, workflows, text expansion, and more. I like to tinker with Rust and Swift and I occasionally dabble in the arcane arts known as Lisp. Anything web related is done via PHP, PHPixie, HTML5, and CSS3 on local virtual machines managed by Vagrant and VMware Fusion and MultiPass. I also use the full macOS Docker stack (Docker Engine, Docker Machine, Docker Hub, Kitematic). My favorite orchestration tool is Ansible. Finally, I'm using recents to recall recent files and I tie it all togther using rectangle as my windows manager.

On the command-line I'm using iTerm2 as my terminal emulator, fish as my default shell, tmux as my multiplexer, ox as my text editor, hack as my typeface font, and gruvbox-dark as my general color palette. I'm also using lsd as my list command, fzf paired with ripgrep for finding stuff, bat for reading files, and ranger as a terminal file explorer.

### Hardware

I do all of my work on an eight-core 16" MacBook Pro running the latest version of macOS (Big Sur). My home lab contains a 12TB QNAP 563 NAS, Lenovo TS140 ThinkServer, Dell PowerEdge T100, an ancient Apple Mac Mini server, and an eight node Raspberry Pi computing cluster running Docker and Kubernetes (K3S). I'm currently using the ThinkServer and PowerEdge (which are both running VMWare ESXi) to host multiple Linux and Windows virtual machines. My home network is made up of a FIOS modem, several Cisco gigabit switches, a beefy Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite router, and two Synology MR2200ac Mesh routers. So far we haven't had any issues switching over to mesh networking.

### Notes, Notebooks, and Pens

I've found over the years that I tend to remember things when I jot them down on paper. Sure, digital notes are what I use for reference, but when it comes to the act of taking notes there's nothing better than good old pen and paper. My notebooks (paper) of choice are the 80 page, pebble grey, ruled, soft cover versions of the large (5" x 8.25") Moleskine Cashier Journals. Which I keep in a Lochby waxed canvas field journal that holds three notebooks. When it comes to the pens that I use, well, let's just say it's an eclectic collection of fountain pens, rollerball pens, and gel pens. I prefer writing with a fine 0.5mm point/nib and will always swap in a 0.5mm point refill or fine tip nib when the original pen comes with something larger. My two favorite pens are the Lamy Safari Model L17F fountain Pen and the Lamy Safari Model 317 rollerball pen. Of these two I find myself reaching for the rollerball most often. I also keep the following pens handy: a Zebra G-750, Zebra G-402, Uni-Ball Signo RT1, Pilot G2 Limited Premium, and a Pilot Metropolitan. I can't write about pens without mentioning the A.G Spalding Bros (Model BRA127) aluminum rollerball pen that my wife bought me for my birthday long ago. It is still, after all these years, my absolute favorite pen ever. Finally, I keep all of my pens in a Lochby waxed canvas tool roll that can hold up to 20 pens.

### Geeky Stuff

I’m into comic books (along with my son. Batman rules!), retro operating systems (Amiga OS, BeOS, Commodore KERNAL, table-top role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons and Mothership, video games like Borderlands, Diablo 3, and Doom, and hacking on stuff like the Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Some of my current hardware projects include making my old Commodore 64C talk to IBM's Watson and building a replica of the Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) used in NASA's Apollo program using a Raspberry Pi and 3D printing. Eventually, my son and I would like to start our own geek/nerd podcast, create new Doom levels, finish some of the hardware projects that we've been working on, and ultimately take over the world.