### Personal Technology Hardware and Software Stack (v1.3.2)
Updated: November 18th, 2021 @ 02:56 AM EST

The following is a comprehensive list of all of the hardware and software that make up my own personal technology stack. Any item found on this page is something that I personally work with either on a daily or weekly basis.

### Personal Technology Stack: Hardware

My current primary computing device is a rather portable 14-inch Apple MacBook Pro (w/M1 Pro, 16GB RAM, and 1TB SSD). I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm one of those nutty people who'll buy just about anything that Apple releases. However, that being said, I also do not believe in upgrading every single time something new comes out. I know, I know. Just don't tell the folks in Cupertino this. They might revoke my Cult of Apple membership card and I'd lose my status as an Apple acolyte. All jokes aside, I made the switch to Apple products (after 14 years with PCs and Windows) in the Autumn of 2005 and I haven't ever considered going back. Besides the MacBook Pro, I also own and use an iPhone 12 Pro Max, AirPod Pros, an iPad Mini 6 and a 12.9-inch iPad Pro along with a 2nd generation Apple Pencil, and an Apple Watch (Series 4). Additionally, I also have two Mac Mini desktop computers running as servers in my basement.

The newest Mac Mini (2020, w/M1 CPU, 16GB RAM) runs a Luna Display adapter and serves as a desktop frontend to my larger iPad Pro and as a file and backup server containing a total of 6TB of storage space running in an external RAID enclosure loaded with HGST drives. The older Mac Mini (2011, Core i5, 16GB RAM) is used as a Roon Core which manages all of my music files, streaming music services, and any audio devices connected to the Core. This system works well for streaming high-resolution music, but Roon isn't supported on most of my devices. Because of this I'm considering switching to the Plex media server which is supported by just about every piece of hardware out there and will happily stream high resolution audio, movies, television, pictures, and even games.

When it comes to computing peripherals I try to stick with brands that I trust like Logitech, HGST, Toshiba, Uni Accessories, and Sandisk. I took a huge chance recently on some Western Digital (SSD, HD) and Samsung (SSD) drives, but so far I have been pleasantly surprised. At the moment I am using a Logitech MX Anywhere 3 mouse with my laptop, and a MX Master 3 mouse when I'm working at the desk in my home office. I'm also using a WD_BLACK P50 1TB SSD (2,000 MB/s) for doing Carbon Copy backups of the laptop, and a WD_BLACK P10 5TB external portable hard drive for storing everything else. Finally, I prefer to read books using an older Kindle Oasis e-ink reader.

### Personal Technology Stack: Software

And down the deep, dark, rabbit hole we go! For basic text editing I prefer using BBEdit (It doesn’t suck!). For slinging code (web development) I use Panic's awesome Nova code editor. I keep my various computers awake using Amphetamine, I use Arq for doing hourly, incremental, offsite backups, Drafts for creating temporary notes, DEVONthink for collecting, organizing, editing, and annotating data, notes, and documents, Rectangle for controlling the placement of app windows on screen, and I use the Recents app for pulling up recently used files quickly. Before moving on, I should mention Obsidian, a notes app that is quite similar to DEVONthink, and which I plan on using to create a proper Zettelkasten. Don't worry folks, we're almost done now! Let's continue.

All instant messaging is primarily done via Telegram. I prefer Mozilla's Firefox web browser, but I also occasionally need to use Apple's Safari browser. I like to relax and play games via the Nintendo Switch, GOG Galaxy 2.0, and the Epic Games launcher. Anything graphics related is done with Pixelmator Pro or the Preview app that comes with macOS. When it comes to music I prefer to stream it in FLAC format over my local network using the Roon music player. I'll also (when needed) fall back to Apple Music, and/or the IINA modern media player for macOS. I also use GPG Tools for maintaining my privacy, 1Password for managing passwords and logins, and Alfred for launching apps, workflows, text expansion, and more.

### Personal Technology Stack: Command-Line

On the command-line my terminal emulator or choice is Warp, Fish as my default shell, the Hack monospace font to make everything look nicer, Ox as my terminal text editor, and either the Dracula, Nord, or Solarized Light color themes.

### Personal Technology Stack: Programming

I like to tinker with Mozilla's Rust system language and Apple's Swift language. I occasionally dabble in the arcane arts known as Lisp. Anything web-related is done via PHP, PHPixie, HTML5, and CSS3 on local virtual machines managed by Canonical's Multipass mini-cloud and Apple's hyperkit hypervisor framework.

### Personal Technology Stack: Contact Information

📫 How to reach me: @pmullins on Telegram, @pmullins on Mastodon, or @phmullins on Twitter. If you prefer, I can also be found on Signal and WhatsApp.