### About Me

Hello there! I'm an ├╝bergeek, comics nerd, and hardcore introvert who just so happens to be a Writer, Gamer, Amiga enthusiast, Audiophile, and an Amateur Historian with more than a passing interest in early computer history. I write, build, game, tinker, and geek out on a Macintosh, macOS, iOS, and iPadOS. Did I mention that I also own and operate Geektonium? Check it out if you're into computer and audio gear and other nerdy stuff.

### Contact Info

Interested in contacting me? If so, you can find me using the apps and links below. Or, if you really want, you can send email to patrick @ arkmail DOT us. Need to send secure email? Download and import a copy of my GPG key. Need to talk to me right away? In that case, you can usually find me on Telegram.

### Quick Links

Just a few of the applications and/or web apps that I use to communicate. Need to contact me ASAP and can't find me on Telegram? In that case, check out one of the following: Keybase, Mastodon, Matrix, or Twitter