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[Back] - Date: 2019-07-13 @ 08:02 AM EDT by PHM / Amiga 500 Project: This isn't looking good

Well, that didn't work like I thought it would. Yes, I was able to force the A500 to boot into a semi-usable state, however that's not really going to help me here. What I need is for the compact flash drive to mount so that I can modify the settings stored in the Wicher configuration file. I'm fast running out of ideas here. I suppose I could buy and install a faster CPU in the hopes that it would be better able to handle the current settings. These small Motorola 68000 processors are (thankfully) super cheap these days. A faster one will set me back a wallet-busting $8.00. Could it really be as simple as swapping in a new CPU? What are the odds of it actually being that easy? You'd think that by forcing the CPU to run at 10 MHz that the system would work. Perhaps it's actually worse than I think. Did I somehow manage to fry the whole accelerator card? I sure as heck hope not. That darn thing cost me $180 used and there's no way that I can justify buying a new one at this time.