### Micro.Blog (Patrick H. Mullins)
Date: October 05th, 2021 - Time: 11:32 PM EST
Post: Chrome 94 (Idle Detection API)

I'm going to go ahead and guess that you don't want or need yet another way for others to spy on what you're doing online. Despite that fact, Google went and added exactly that very thing to the latest version of their web standards-slaying web browser. Chrome 94, released September 21st, 2021, comes with a new, controversial feature called an idle detection API. Why is this such a big deal? Because Chrome can now report back when your device is in an idle state.

Don't think for a moment that employers won't jump on this as soon as they can either. My understanding is that Slack requires Google Chrome for its popular Slack calls and huddles features. Slack is already required for a large majority of remote workers. Do you think the ability to know when someone is actively working would come in handy for companies that have trust issues with their remote staff?

Instead of hoping this doesn't happen (because it will) why not just ditch Chrome and apps that demand it and use a privacy-based web browser designed not spy on us? It's time to check out Mozilla's Firefox browser or Apple's Safari browser and just say no to Chrome.

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