### Micro.Blog (Patrick H. Mullins)
Date: April 06th, 2021 - Time: 07:38 AM EST
Post: The Great Browser Wars 2.0

Microsoft's Chrome-based Edge web browser is now the second most popular browser in the world, followed by Firefox in third, and Safari in fourth. Google Chrome is the most popular with a whopping 68% of the market share. This situation is nothing short of devastating for the world wide web in general. Google Chrome has been proven to be the slowest and the least private browser out there. It constantly monitors everything that you do and sends all the information back to Google who then use it to build a dossier on you. This isn't fiction or some wild conspiracy theory, this is a fact. Google is on record confirming as much and more. Edge isn't any better since it's based on Chrome and made by Microsoft. Word has it that Edge might actually be even worse than Chrome when it comes to user privacy.

There's another, more sinister aspect to this issue that we haven't discussed. That being the fact that web developers are now developing their sites with only Chrome in mind. That's not a good thing by any stretch of the imagination. Chrome supports all kinds of little proprietary extensions that are not part of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) HTML specification. That means that any browser, like Firefox, that doesn't support Chromes proprietary extensions will be unable to render any pages built with them. This gives the impression that Firefox is a bad browser when in fact it's the other way around. This is exactly the same stunt that Microsoft pulled back in the 90's and why we fought the first browser wars. Ultimately, this means that 76% of the folks using the world wild web are willingly compromising their security as well as their privacy all the in the name of compatibility.

So what can we do about it? First off, don't use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or any other browser based off of Chrome in general. Use Firefox, one of the few browsers out there that strictly follows the W3C specs, does not spy on its user base, and makes user privacy its number one priority. Finally, become a Firefox and Mozilla advocate and help spread the word by promoting Firefox in whatever way you can. Be it via email, Twitter, Facebook, or a blog post. Every little bit helps. We *have* to act and we have to act now, not later. Doing nothing will result in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge gaining even more market share. Eventually, Mozilla will be forced to shutter the Firefox project and we will be left with a world wide web dominated by a vastly inferior browser.